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Delmaine Oil Free Diced Sundried Tomatoes



Premium Mediterranean tomatoes are naturally sundried to concentrate the tomato taste and then marinated with garlic and herbs.  These tomatoes are marinated in water and natural juices so you can taste the real flavour of the tomatoes. Delmaine Sundried tomatoes are ruby red in colour with a rich deep caramelized flavour. Designed to be used with pizza and other open flame cooking in mind, the absence of oil means the tomatoes are less likely to burn or harden in the oven. 

  • No Artificial colours or flavours
  • Suitable for vegetarians.
  • A softer style of sundried tomatoes without any oil. As well as being ideal for pizzas, these are also great for adding to minced meat for burgers or meatballs, with their high moisture content they will help keep the shape and stop splitting.
  • Contains no gluten ingredients but is manufactured in an environment where gluten may be present or is manufactured overseas.


Ready to Use

  • Delmaine Code: 04498
  • Size: 2.2kg
  • Pack Size: 4
  • Country of Origin: NZ
  • Storage Conditions: Store cool and dry. Refrigerate after opening.
  • Best Before/Use By: Best Before
  • Unopened Shelf Life: 180
  • Open Shelf Life: 7 Days from Purchase


Water, Sundried Tomatoes (40%) (Antioxidant 220), Vinegar (Antioxidant 224), Salt, Garlic, Herbs.


Serving Size: 40g Servings per Pack: 50

Average Quantity Per Serving Per 100g
ENERGY 161kj 403kj
PROTEIN 1.2g 2.9g
FAT, TOTAL 0.5g 1.2g
SUGARS 6.1g 15.1g
SODIUM 248mg 619mg

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Storing your beans

Storing your beans

Canned beans should always be stored in cool cabinets away from appliances that produce heat. Dried beans should be stored in airtight containers and used within one year of purchase. The longer you keep the dry beans, the more moisture they lose. This means that older dry beans take longer to soak and cook compared to younger dry beans.
Substituting canned beans for dried beans

Substituting canned beans for dried beans

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