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About Delmaine

Industrial Food Solutions - Bakery Products

Delmaine produces a range of Kisses under the Rosedale brand for sale throughout New Zealand. Rosedale Kisses are the biggest selling product in the bought in cake section in NZ supermarkets. We are also the countries largest supplier of housebrand kisses. Kisses, which are soft cream filled mini cakes, come in either 8 or 12 units per pack.

The bakery line in our Manukau plant has been recently relocated and refurbished to cope with increased demand for baked products. Kisses provide the bulk of the bakery business, with the Ginger Kiss variant being the major contributor to sales. The number of flavour variations for kisses though is practically limitless and products have been developed for overseas customers and for seasonal sale with positive results. The recently launched Lemon Kiss has been hugely popular.


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