Dessert toppings

Dessert toppings


For over thirty years Delmaine Industrial Food Solutions have been providing high quality toppings and syrups to the food industry throughout the Asia Pacific and Australasia regions. We currently supply a number of different customers from retail outlets and catering and wholesalers to quick serve restaurants. We also supply a range of products for use in manufacturing and industrial applications. Our modern facility in South Auckland has several purpose built plants that provide consistent quality and taste. As a major supplier of these types of products we are able to make or develop flavours and variations in viscosity to suit a range of differing applications.

We use high quality ingredients to make a varied range that includes basic chocolates, caramels and fruit toppings as well as a number of more unusual variants, like Chocolate Malt and Lime & Nate de Coco. As well as toppings we also make syrups and glazes. Products are available in a range of sizes and delivery methods.

Toppings in ready to use formats
Toppings in bulk and industrial formats
Syrups for toppings or fillings
Glazes and other thin syrups


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