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Ice Cream Ripples

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Delmaine Industrial Food Solutions is a major supplier of ice cream ripples both in New Zealand and throughout the Asia Pacific region. Our wide range of flavours includes an extensive range of fruit flavours made with real fruit as well as chocolate & flavoured chocolates and caramels & toffee. Our experience in this area makes us a perfect partner for this style of application and while we are expert in making all of the most popular ripple flavours, we also have the ability to make specific flavours or match recipes to our customers' requirements. Alternatively we are able to develop products to match a target market or concept. 

The flavour range includes flavours from a simple chocolate or plain fruits like Strawberry, Apricot or Boysenberry, to more complex mixes such as White Chocolate and Raspberry or Mango Passionfruit. Products are available in a range of sizes and delivery methods.




Ripples for Ice Cream Fruit preparations for frozen dessert toppings