Quality & Research

Quality assurance

At Delmaine Fine Foods we are committed to the highest levels of quality assurance and control. We have an experienced team of quality managers and technicians with a wide range of knowledge throughout the FMCG and food industry. Each of our sites has full time on site quality monitoring and regular in depth auditing by both internal and external parties.

All of our sites are HACCP controlled and meet the required standards for New Zealand's highest quality assurance certifications. We exceed most FSP protocols in order to meet the stringent quality levels expected of our key customers. These include some of the regions largest retail, wholesale and commercial customers including both of the countries leading supermarket retailers, many of the QSR chains and government institutions. A full list of current certifications is available.

A key component of our approach to quality and safety is our commitment to treat every single article we make with the same exacting high standard. This commitment means that each line is monitored around the clock in every location and the same diligence is applied to a simple sugar syrup as to a complex meal formulation. The end result is consistency of product that is the envy of many larger companies.

Research & development

As part of our long term business strategy we have invested heavily in the R&D aspect of our business. Within our modern factory and warehousing complex in Auckland we have a new state of the art research facility. This facility is operated by five full time product technicians under an experienced R&D manager and supported by a number of specialist consultants.

Our R&D team has three main aims. To be constantly looking to improve formulation and production processes to ensure the best possible product. To look for and develop product opportunities; for both Delmaine products and to present to our trading partners. To work with our trading partners developing products to their specifications within required time and cost constraints. Many of our partnership programs are not only assisted by our R&D team, but driven by the effort they put into product development.

Partnering our R&D technology is a significant support staff of logistical industry specialists looking after purchasing, replenishing and planning. We have also significantly invested in MRP and DRP systems through major hardware and software initiatives.